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151.   G12    LSP          

May aircraft wreckage be moved prior to the time the NTSB takes custody?

A) Yes, but only if moved by a federal, state, or local law enforcement officer.

B) Yes, but only to protect the wreckage from further damage.

C) No, it may not be moved under any circumstances.



152.   G11    LSP          

If an aircraft is involved in an accident which results in substantial damage to the aircraft, the nearest NTSB field office should be notified

A) immediately.

B) within 48 hours.

C) within 7 days.



153.   H320   LSP          

What should pilots state initially when telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information?

A) Tell the number of occupants on board.

B) Identify themselves as pilots.

C) State their total flight time.



154.   I54     LSP          

Which type weather briefing should a pilot request, when departing within the hour, if no preliminary weather information has been received?

A) Outlook briefing.

B) Abbreviated briefing.

C) Standard briefing.



155.   I36     LSP          

For aviation purposes, ceiling is defined as the height above the Earth's surface of the

A) lowest reported obscuration and the highest layer of clouds reported as overcast.

B) lowest broken or overcast layer or vertical visibility into an obscuration.

C) lowest layer of clouds reported as scattered, broken, or thin.



156.   I55     LSP          

(Refer to figure 53.) The wind direction and velocity at KJFK is from

A) 180°̊ true at 4 knots.

B) 180°̊ magnetic at 4 knots.

C) 040°̊ true at 18 knots.



157.   H325   LSP          

SIGMET's are issued as a warning of weather conditions hazardous to which aircraft?

A) Small aircraft only.

B) Large aircraft only.

C) All aircraft.



158.   I30     LSP          

Thunderstorms which generally produce the most intense hazard to aircraft are

A) squall line thunderstorms.

B) air mass thunderstorms.

C) warm front thunderstorms.



159.   I28     LSP          

One of the most dangerous features of mountain waves is the turbulent areas in and

A) below rotor clouds.

B) above rotor clouds.

C) below lenticular clouds.



160.   I26     LSP          

What cloud types would indicate convective turbulence?

A) Cirrus clouds.

B) Nimbostratus clouds.

C) Towering cumulus clouds.



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