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11.    H312   LSP          

What is density altitude?

A) The height above the standard datum plane.

B) The pressure altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature.

C) The altitude read directly from the altimeter.



12.    J13    LSP          

A Steady red light from the tower, for a aircraft on the ground indicates

A) Give way to other aircrat and continue circling.

B) Stop.

C) Taxi clear of the runway in use.



13.    J11    LSP          

( Refer to figure 66, area 2; and figure 67.) At Coeur D`Alene, which frequency should be used as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to monitor airport traffic?

A) 122.05 MHz.

B) 135.075 MHz.

C) 122.8 MHz.



14.    J11    LSP          

( Refer to figure 66, area 2; and figure 67.) What is the correct UNICOM frequency to be used at Coeur D`Alene to request fuel?

A) 135.075 MHz.

B) 122.05 MHz.

C) 122.8 MHz.



15.    J13    LSP          

You have just landed at a towered airport and the tower tells you to contact ground control when clear of the runway. You are considered clear of the runway when

A) all parts of the aircraft have crossed the hold line.

B) the aircraft cockpit is clear of the hold line.

C) the tail of the aircraft is clear of the runway edge.



16.    J13    LSP          

Pilots should state their position on the airport when calling the tower for takeoff

A) from a runway intersection, during instrument conditions.

B) from a runway intersection or the end of the runway.

C) from a runway intersection, only at night.



17.    J13    LSP          

After landing at a tower controlled airport a pilot should contact ground control

A) when advised by the tower.

B) prior to turning off the runway.

C) after reaching a taxiway that leads directly to the parking area.



18.    J03    LSP          

A below glide slope indication from a pulsating visual approach slope indicator is a

A) pulsating white light.

B) steady white light.

C) pulsating red light.



19.    J03    LSP          

An airport's rotating beacon operated during daylight hours often indicates

A) there are obstructions on the airport.

B) that weather at the airport located in Class D airspace is below basic VFR weather minimums.

C) the Air Traffic Control tower is not in operation.



20.    J13    LSP          

Pilots must operate the anti-collision lights

A) at night or in inclement weather.

B) at night when the visibility is less than three miles and flying in Class B airspace.

C) day and night, except when the pilot-in-command determines that they constitute a hazard to safety.


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