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David  Bothe

941- 966-6723


Vice President:

Chip Miller




Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371-6437



Frank Hurlburt



Newsletter Editor:

Eugene Naves



Program Chairman:



Technical Counseors:

   Pat Grella

941- 359-0588


 Wray Whiting



Flight Advisor:

  Pat Grella



Young Eagles Coor:

Frank Szachta



Scott Becker



Tool Committee:

John Stevenson


941-704-4817 Cell


 Robert Brooke




 Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371-6437

EAA Chapter 180

Sarasota _ Manatee Counties, Florida

Meets the 4th Wednesday  of every month, 7:30 P.M. McClure Auditorium,

SW entrance, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport

MAY                          Prez     Sez                      2005

By the time you receive this we will be back from Lumberton.  There is not much new to report.

 Rob Brooke, Frank Hurlburt and I am working over the old By-Laws to bring them up to date.  We may have a draft copy ready for the newsletter.

 The Program this month will be a Sport Aviation update that EAA has put out.  It is only twenty minutes long.  It is quite informative and not dull.

 We are still up in the air about June.  Is it time for another picnic.  Steve Walters are you out there?  Let's pin this down at the meeting.

 I hope to see all of you at the meeting on May 25, 7:30 PM, Dan McClure Room at the Sarasota Bradenton Airport

 Your humble servant


April                                         MINUTES                                     04/27/2005


President Dave Bothe opened the meeting at 7:34pm with the 'Pledge to the Flag'. 42 members and guests were present.  Visitors were recognized and chapter officers were introduced.  Builder reports followed.  Dave Bothe continues to work on his RV-8A.  Frank Hurlburt is finishing the bottom of his turbine powered Lancair IV before turning it over to work on everything else.  Jim Ellis has ordered an engine for his RV-9A and is finishing the firewall forward.  Rob Brooke has started the third wing on his Tiger Moth.  Eugene Naves announced he has his Fisher FP101 ready to fly, and has ordered ribs for a TigerMoth.  Brad Smith bought some parts for his RV-6A at Sun 'n Fun, so that should keep him busy for awhile.

Secretary's Report: The minutes from the March meeting were accepted as printed at the chapter website.

Membership Report: Chip Miller is taking photos for the chapter website.  He also attended the latest meeting of the Airport Authority and reported 'nothing remarkable happened'.  He sees the big airlines leaving and being replaced by smaller commuter airlines.  ABC Channel 7 was at the meeting getting information about pollution from the former beryllium plant near the airport.  It seems taxi way Juliet may have pollution problems.  There was some discussion of

noise caused by a Piaggio Avante that the authority identified as an 'old warbird'.

Young Eagles Report:  About 16 kids received rides at the last event.  The flights continue the third Saturday of each month.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer Frank Hurlburt reported a balance of $15,313.66.

Tool Committee Report: John Stevenson turned over chairmanship of the committee to Rob Brooke. John will stay on as an assistant.