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Volunteers from the chapter will be going to the Mid-Atlantic Fly-in in Lumberton, NC May 12-15 to help in the movement of 

aircraft while on the ground.

New Business:  Craig Dunn spoke on the problems of getting into an out of SRQ, VFR.  Craig is attempting to get suggestions and support trying to fix the problem.  He would like to see the airspace around the airport returned to local control, rather than the current system of Tampa control. Dave Bothe has names and addresses of several people who may be in a position to help the situation. He asks members to write to these people in an effort to help.

A break was taken and the 50/50 drawing held.

The program for the evening was a rare film on VF-17, the 'Jolly Rogers', and their contribution to the war effort in the South Pacific during World War II.

Dave closed the meeting at 9:50pm

Respectfully submitted, Rolf Bostrom, Secretary.


Experimental/Homebuilt Pilots Required to Have Category and Class Rating to Carry Passengers

On April 21, 2005, FAA Flight Standards reinforced a regulatory requirement for passenger carrying experimental/amateur-built aircraft pilots to have category and class ratings for the aircraft they intend to fly. The new Notice, N 8700.42, also provides a "grandfather" clause allowing current pilots who do not possess the required ratings a limited window of opportunity (through August 31, 2005) to obtain them. It is important to note that this affects only those pilots who wish to carry passengers in an experimental aircraft for which they do not hold the appropriate category and class rating. Pilots who do not carry passengers in their experimental aircraft, and pilots who already hold the category/class rating appropriate to the aircraft they are flying are not affected.  

Brad Smith @ Golden Pelicans

Do you really want to do this again