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David  Bothe

941- 966-6723


Vice President:

Chip Miller




Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371-6437



Frank Hurlburt



Newsletter Editor:

Eugene Naves



Program Chairman:



Technical Counselors:

   Pat Grella

941- 359-0588


 Wray Whiting



Flight Advisor:

  Pat Grella



Young Eagles Coor:

Frank Szachta



Scott Becker



Tool Committee:

John Stevenson


941-704-4817 Cell


 Robert Brooke




 Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371-6437

EAA Chapter 180

Sarasota _ Manatee Counties, Florida

Meets the 4th Wednesday  of every month, 7:30 P.M. McElmurry Hall,

SW entrance, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport

MARCH                          Prez     Sez                      2005

Due to the administrative incompetence of your president, last month we had no refreshments and no video equipment. However,  Brad Smith graciously agreed to talk with us about his days as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese, saving your humble servant's bacon.


Adversity brings out the best in us. So, I am moving quickly to remedy.


This month's program will be the same as last month's.  However, the Chapter now has it's own projector and speakers. 


Vance Noles has volunteered to stay on top of refreshments. So, we should have that base covered also.


Sun 'n Fun is rapidly approaching. The EAA has invited all of us to a Barbeque on Friday night, April 15th., at the EAA Publications Tent (Wherever the heck that is).  Please call me, if you are digitally challenged, and I will turn your name in.  You must RSVP with someone if you wish to attend.  Yes, spouses, girl friends, boyfriends, children, and pets are welcome.


I have a room at the Holiday Inn in Winter Haven that I can sell to someone who might want it. It is two nights (4/15 & 4/16) with two double beds.  The cost is 80 bucks a night.  Please call me if you, or one of your friends, is interested.


The response to our Fantasy of Flight fly-in on June 18 has been somewhat anemic.  You don't have to fly to get there, you know.  The Chapter is going to pick up lunch so please call, or e-mail Blaise Pierson with your reservations ( or 941 518 8815). 

We are thinking of having a "Maintenance Fair/Picnic" in July.  The idea would be for technical counselors and other members to provide assistance to other pilots in such areas as:  weight and balance, engine maintenance, instrument calibration, tire changing, etc.  We think this might be a good way to reach out to the pilot community, increase our membership, and have fun too.

Robby Williams has created an Air Ranch in Bushnell.  It is a grass strip with some facilities (Cheap gas, so John Stevenson has approved).  There should be more info in later in the newsletter.  However, it does look like a great place for a future fly-in.                                                                             CONTINUE