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Frank Szachta was a hoot on WLSS 930 AM.  I hope some of you were able to hear him on February 18. It was good stuff.


We have a Young Eagles ad that is being distributed to 30,000 parents in the Sarasota and Manatee area.  You will see it in a later section of the newsletter.  Yes, I did clean it up somewhat before it was published.  We are checking on the prospect of blowing it up and using as a hand out. 


I have only heard from a few of you concerning the EAA Barbeque on Friday night.  Since I am staying over on Friday the 15th, I had originally thought of taking the chapter's grille to SNF in my truck and using Lyman's pass to get it in for our own.  But, since EAA has been so accommodating as to provide us with a free Barbeque, I think I like that better.


Please give this some thought before our next meeting.  EAA has not been bugging me yet, but I'm sure they will want a full count soon.  I am going to call today and see if non member spouses and prospective new members can also attend.  See you all at Dan's room, 7:30PM, March 23.


Your humble servant

Flying W AirRanch in Bushnell, Florida

  We have a 3400', lighted grass strip, Bed & Breakfast, Restaurant, fishing, nature walks, 6 buffalo, 2 Clydesdales, 3 pigs, 3 goats, 2 sheep, 8 ducks, 3 chickens, 3 rabbits and a black panther (really a cat).

Question:  1. Can I buy a lot and build a home at the ranch? Yes.

Please look at our website, for all the details

  Robby Williams, Owner

From VP Chip Miller

 Hi Everyone,  Here's the newest list of MIAs for 2005 membership in Chapter 180:


Gerald Baily,   Larry Beebe,   Jim Biggens,   Robert Jewett,   John Keller,   John Lesure,   Neil Mayer,  Mary Lou McFate,    Charles Reibold,    Edd Smith,    Mike Weed,    Henry Whitmore.


If your name is among these, or you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please

contact me at 941-356-0591 (or any other board member) ASAP so that we can correct any incorrect omissions in the roster.  After April 1 the roster will purge the "unpaid". 


 Please don't be left out.  There's lots of fun planned for this year in Chapter 180.

 Flight safety--- there are numerous flight-safety related programs being offered monthly by the FAA through the website:    I understand the most recent program on 3/7 held here at the McClure auditorium was a good one and well-attended.  They are free and very informative.  Check out                          See you at the next Chapter 180 meeting March 23.


FROM                           Frank Szachta and Scott Becker co-chairs of EAA-180 YE Coordination

Don't forget our YE Day has moved to the third Sat of each month.  Th8us 19 Mar is our YE Day this month.  A Mr. Stoddard iss a PR man for Ron Cheravella of Dolphin Aviatin.  He has worked hard to obtain the services of a reporter for the Bradenton Herald to join us a for a flight and some pics for a story on YE she will write for the Herald. Come join us the 19th and welcome her to the friends of YE .