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With this type of rib, everyone I can find makes the rib in the jig with the top or the gussets (Pink color in picture) facing the builder, glued and stapled, (2025 stable) then they remove the rib turn it over and add the back side  gussets, glue and stable them and left to dry out of the jig..


I want to Make a jig that I can do all the gluing, gussets , no staples and leave the rib in the jig to dry. The  jig board would have to be thick enough ( 3/4 or 1/2 ) to stay flat even when moving off the table.


Just cut a holds where each gusset goes so I can lift the jig up to use a clamp to clamp both sides of the rib (gusset) at the same time.


What do you thing?