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 Register Report      

  3/1/2005 Through 3/31/2005      

4/26/2005                                                                                                                               Page 1


Date      Account       Num     Description              Memo             Category        Amount


BALANCE_2/28/2005                                                                                     17,773.81 


3/4/2005 Checking  1012   Parent Pages                                     Ads                 -200.00 

3/8/2005 Checking                  DEP   S Deposit                            Dues                  60.00

                                                                                                     Transfer            120.00 

 3/9/2005 Checking  1013   Bothe, A David                                T-shirts             -321.32

3/23/2005 Checking  1014 S Bothe, A David   AV Equipment  Equipment        -1342.34

                                                                                   Corporate Filing                   -61.25  

3/23/2005 Checking  1015  S Walters, Steve  Picnic Exp.  Entertainment           -250.00

                                                                                 Camera  Equipment             -100.00  

3/23/2005 Checking  1016   Thompson, Eldon Picnic Exp. Entertainment             -76.57  

3/23/2005 Checking  1017   Becker, Scott Y.E. Lunch  Young Eagles                   -93.66  

3/23/2005 Checking  1018   Miller, Edwin Name Badges Supplies, Bus                -52.97  

3/23/2005 Checking  1019  Naves, Eugene                       Newsletter                  -148.65 

3/28/2005 Checking TOTAL 31112005 - 3/31/2005  Interest Earned Interest Inc     6.61


  BALANCE 3/31/2005       15,313.66      TOTAL INFLOWS   186.61  

    TOTAL OUTFLOWS       -2,646.76       NET TOTAL       -2,460.15  

EAA Flight Advisor


The EAA Flight Advisor is supposed to ease the transition of an aircraft builder from the building phase to the flight phase. (To stay "current" I've got to do so many things to support this program over a two year period.)


This means I evaluate recent flight experience and suggest a program to get the pilot proficient.


For example: I recommended a training program for a new Lancair pilot that included dual in an available high performance single.


The flight advisor does not give dual instruction or is paid for his services. (I don't know what I will do when I finally finish my RV-8 which I plan to build as an RV transition trainer. But I've got to start the project before I worry about that.)


I can also assist with a test flight program by suggesting available documentation and other materials.


I have taken the "Test Pilot" course that is given by the EAA SportAir Workshops.


Martin Sobel,  (941) 359-8693