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The Tool Lending Library


 In my capacity as (suddenly) new member of the Tool Committee, I have been at the Chapter tool room starting an inventory of the tools. I found the following set of rules in the notebook which is kept in the tool room (call it the first part of the inventory).


1. The borrower must be a member in good standing of Chapter 180 for at least one year in order to borrow the tool without deposit. If a member for less than one year, a deposit equal to the full replacement value of the tool must be made.


 2. The first month’s use of the tool is free. The second, or any portion of the second month and each following month will be charged at the following rates:

i.   Value of tool = $0 - $100:   $4.00 per month

ii.   Value of tool = $100 - $400:      $6.00 per month

iii.   Value of tool = over $500:   $8.00 per month


 3. If another member of Chapter 180 is waiting for a tool, the monthly fee schedule will be doubled.


 4. The borrower agrees to use and maintain the tool in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


5. If the tool is lost or damaged beyond repair, the borrower will pay the replacement cost. If the tool  is damaged but repairable, the borrower will pay for the repair.


6.         The tool must be signed out and in by a member of the tool committee.


7. The borrower agrees that any decision of the tool committee member will be final.


These do not appear to be the rules which the membership is observing, or if they are the rules, they are not being enforced by anyone. I requested that the newsletter print them in order to get everybody on the same page. If these rules are not satisfactory, I suggest that the membership agree on a set that are.


           Rob Brooke (Tool Committee Member)