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EAA Chapter 180 Minutes 



      President Dave Bothe opened the meeting at 7:40 with the 'Pledge to the Flag'.  33 members and guests were present.  An introduction of guests and builder reports followed. Dave Bothe is doing some painting on his RV-8.  Frank Hurlburt's Lancair IV-P is progressing with the landing gear structure nearly complete. Hugh Corley has his self designed ultralight close to being finished.  Richard Cheek is restoring a Taylorcraft. Rob Brooke is building a fisher Tiger Moth, and Eugene Naves is working on the cowling of his Fisher FP-101. Dick Wilke has a RANS Coyote he's constructing.  Earle Swan's project is a RV-8. Jim  Ellis is finishing the instrument panel of his RV-9A.  Next comes the wiring.  Brad Smith is concentrating on the fuselage of his RV-6A.  Lou Basl is building a RV-6.


      Vice President Chip Miller is taking care of the membership duties now.  The cutoff date to purge the membership roster will be April 1st.


      Tool Committee:  The committee has recently bought an optical tach used to check your aircraft tach for accuracy.  Some tools are out on loan, and others are missing and unaccounted for.  Rob Brooke has been added to the Tool Committee.


        Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Frank Hurlburt reported an end of January balance of $18, 231.37.


      Chip Miller attended the last SRQ Airport Authority meeting, and came away with the impression the Authority was more interested in real estate than airplanes.  Their big discussions were to keep the terminal's fish tank, and discussion of a possible new tenant for the

old Cavalier building.


      Old Business:  The spring picnic has been scheduled for Saturday, March 12th at Airport Manatee. It will probably be at Rob Brooke's hangar.  The fun gets underway starting at 10:30am.  Steve Walter's is doing the cooking.


      New Business:  Sun 'n Fun still has two months to make a claim for the disputed funds from the 2002 Sun 'n Fun Part's Mart disagreement with our chapter.  If they do not make a claim, the chapter will have to decide what to do with the funds.


      Dave Bothe suggested taking the chapter BBQ grill to Sun 'n Fun for a cookout on the first Friday night of the event.  He is trying to

organize a BBQ at the RV area. Dave also reminded the group, the second annual Mid-Atlantic Fly-In is coming up the 12-15 of May. June 18th, Van's will be at the Fantasy of Flight.  A special tour for visitor is possible. Dave is checking into getting chapter shirts for our members.  He also clarified some recent instructions from the SRQ tower during Young Eagle flights.   Scott Becker gave an update of last month's Young Eagle event.  6 planes were on hand to fly 6 kids.  The next event is scheduled for March 19th.


      Several safety seminars are coming up soon, one at SRQ on March 7th.


      A break was taken before the featured program.


      Our speaker for the evening, Brad Smith, spoke of his experiences as a Naval aviator during the Viet Nam war.  Brad piloted an A-4 from the carrier Enterprise off the coast of North Viet Nam when he was shot down during an attack on a bridge.  He spent 7 year's as a POW before being released at the end of the conflict.  He later returned to active duty, flying once again, before retiring after 24 years of service.


Dave closed the meeting at 10:00pm.                               Respectfully submitted, Rolf Bostrom, Secretary