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I started with making the rib jig


3 Hours

4/19/05  3 Hours

4/20/05  3 Hours

I cut  all the 1/4 X 1/4 spruce for the first rib and fit them in the jig. Then I removed the rib caps and cut new ones to the length I wanted.

Now I fit them in the jig and found the 1/4 X 1/4 is off. I would have to check each cap strip to make sure the inside is the same.

Then I cut out ribs for 12 ribs.

4/21/05   2 Hours

Using the table saw I started cutting the  gussets 172

4/22/05   3 Hours


4/23/05   3 Hours

Not all the gussets but 520 of them.

4/24/05   2 Hours  Fit, glue and staple one side of the rib

                             with gussets


4/25/05   45Min    Remove rib and put the gussets on the

                             other side.


4/25/05   2 Hours  Put rib pieces in jig, fit, glue and staple 




4/25/05   35 Min   Remove  all staples and sand the first


                              One done 43 to go.


Total Time (this page) 22 Hours and 20 Min.