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two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Chapter Executive Committee.


1.         Notice of meetings of the Chapter Executive Committee, stating the location, time and purpose of the meeting shall be mailed, e-mailed or personally given to the members of the Chapter Executive Committee at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the time of the meeting.


2.         A simple majority of the Chapter Executive Committee, at least two of which shall be Chapter Officers, shall constitute a quorum of the Chapter Executive Committee.


3.         The Chapter Executive Committee shall have the power and authority to enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to Chapter Membership and pertaining to the use and operation of the Chapterís property.




If the office of Chapter President, Chapter Vice President, Chapter Secretary or Chapter Treasurer become vacant for any reason, the Chapter Executive Committee shall elect a successor who shall hold the office for the remainder of the normal term or, at the option of the Chapter Executive Committee, hold a special election among the Membership to fill the vacancy.



In order to assist the Chapter President in the management of the Chapterís business, several standing positions shall be filled by appointment of the Chapter President, subject to the approval of the Chapter Executive Committee. The positions are: Chapter Newsletter Editor, Chapter Membership Chairman, Chairman of the Chapter Tool Committee and Chapter Website Manager.

Chapter Newsletter Editor:

1.         The Chapter Newsletter Editor shall publish a monthly Chapter Newsletter, to be disseminated to the Membership by mail, e-mail or on-line via the Chapter Website.

2.         The Chapter Newsletter Editor has the responsibility to incorporate into the monthly Chapter Newsletter articles of interest to the Membership, announcements of future meetings and aviation events, information of resolutions to be proposed at future meetings, statements and reports from the Chapter Officers and whatever other information coming to his attention which may affect the operation of the Chapter.

Chapter Membership Chairman:

1.         The Chapter Membership Chairman is responsible for maintaining an accurate and current roster of the membership.

2.         The Chapter Membership Chairman will actively promote the Chapter and its goals among the aviation community in order to stimulate the growth of the Chapter.

Chairman of the Chapter Tool Committee:

1. The Chairman of the Chapter Tool Committee shall maintain a current and accurate inventory of the tools in the Chapter Tool Library in conjunction with the Chapter Website Manager.*