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1.         Executive Committee. The Chapter President shall execute checks and expenditures authorized by the Executive Committee.


2.         The Chapter Vice President shall be vested with all the powers and authority of the Chapter President and shall perform all the duties of the Chapter President in the case of the Chapter Presidentís absence, disability or other inability to perform the duties of his office.


3.         The Chapter Secretary shall take and publish the minutes of all meetings, both Member Meetings and meetings of the Chapter Executive Committee. The Chapter Secretary is responsible for publishing a notice of all Regular Member Meetings and all Special Member Meetings, in conjunction with the Chapter Newsletter Editor and the Chapter Website Manager. The Chapter Secretary, with the assistance of the Chapter Membership Chairman, shall keep a current Membership Roster or Record, showing the names of each Chapter Member. The Chapter Secretary is responsible for maintaining the currency and security of the original copies of the Chapter Bylaws, Non-profit Incorporation Documents, Tax Exemption Documents and any other Chapter documents, books, papers and records as the Chapter Executive Committee may direct. The Chapter Secretary shall jointly execute, along with the Chapter President, any contracts or instruments which have been approved by the Chapter Executive Committee.


4.         The Chapter Treasurer shall execute all bank checks authorized by the Chapter Executive Committee. The Chapter Treasurer shall receive and deposit all funds in a financial institution recognized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and approved by the Executive Committee. The Chapter Treasurer shall account for all receipts, disbursements and the balance of funds on hand. The Chapter Treasurer shall publish a financial report in the Chapter Newsletter at a frequency determined by the Chapter Executive Committee.




The business and property of the Chapter shall be conducted and controlled by the Chapter Executive Committee. The Chapter Executive Committee shall consist of the following:


1.         The Chapter President, the Chapter Vice President, the Chapter Secretary and the Chapter Treasurer.


2.         The Chapter Tool Committee Chairman.


3.         The Chapter Newsletter Editor.


4.         The Chapter Membership Chairman.


5.         The Young Eagles Coordinator


6.         From one (1) to five (5) additional members, appointed by the Chapter President and approved by a majority of the Executive Committee, who will serve until they are dismissed by the Chapter President, with the approval of a majority of the Chapter Executive Committee, or until they resign from the Chapter Executive Committee.


Meetings of the Chapter Executive Committee may be called at any time by the Chapter President or by a