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David  Bothe

941- 966-6723


Vice President:

Chip Miller




Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371-6437



Frank Hurlburt



Newsletter Editor:

Eugene Naves



Program Chairman:



Technical Counseors:


   Pat Grella

941- 359-0588


 Wray Whiting



Flight Advisor:

Martin Sobel                    (941) 359-8693   


  Pat Grella



Young Eagles Coor:

Frank Szachta



Scott Becker



Tool Committee:

John Stevenson


941-704-4817 Cell


 Robert Brooke




 Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371-6437

EAA Chapter 180

Sarasota _ Manatee Counties, Florida

Meets the 4th Wednesday  of every month, 7:30 P.M. McClure Auditorium,

SW entrance, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport

JUNE                         Prez     Sez                      2005

Hi Guys and Gals,

 Well, it's getting to be that time of the year when many of our members go north.  That just means the rest of us will have to pick up some of the slack.


The By-Laws Committee has come up with a new set.  Rob Brooke deserves the all credit for taking this on.  They will be published in the today's Newsletter.  Please take a moment to read them.  If you have any suggestions for additions, or improvements, please send them to me.  We would like to have all of you review them as soon as you can.  If possible, we would like to vote on them at the July meeting.


Your humble servant reviewed our finances.  It is costing about $4,000 a year to operate the chapter.  That does not include any special items.  That means that we can operate from the current balance for about three more years.  The Sun 'n Fun financial mess is yet to be determined. So, I have not considered any of the $25,000 we have escrowed.  However, it is quite clear that we need to think about how to raise $4,000 per year.  One possible solution would be to raise the dues to $50.00.  Since the financials are published in the Newsletter, you all know where the money is going. The Young Eagles program is our biggest expense.  Please bring your questions and concerns to the meeting.  We are open to any fund raising ideas you may have.


There is going to be a meeting of the Pilots and the ATC folks from both Tampa and Sarasota on Wednesday, June 22, 3:30 PM at the McClure Room.  The topic will be local control of VFR traffic in the Class C Airspace Surrounding SRQ.  Please try to attend if you can.  I will give a report at the meeting.


The program this month is "Fighter Aces of World War II"  It will last 45 minutes.  Frank Hurlburt will be out of town, so I am depending on one of you techies to help me get the gear set up.


I look forward to seeing all of you on June 22.  If we are not having fun we must be doing something wrong.  Let's have fun!


Your humble servant