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The last event 7 Pilots 2 Ground Crew
**Where would the KIDS be with out them** come help a Child reach New Heights

Frank Szachta CFI Mooney N71061U
Frank Hurlburt Stcmme Powered Glider N60AF
Stan Brown PA28-180 N3644R
Scot Findlay C-172 N2841S
Richard Kane SR 22
Scott Becker Rental
Chip Miller Rental

Ground Crew
Katie Bionda
Walter L Grabenster


As YE Co-Chair for EAA-180 and as an CFI in CAP, I was tasked to find the key for the Big Screen TV lower cabinet in our meeting room.  I was unsuccessful, and we cut the lock off and replaced it with a combo lock.  Now we will be able to view CD's, videotapes, etc during meetings. 


As coordinator between the CAP and EAA-180, the CAP will have use of the equipment also.  They also just placed a CD and remote clicker into the cabinet for all to use.  The saved the big unit during room renovation, since the Airport Auth. was going to scrap the unit, since they needed it out of the room during it's renovation.

 The CAP lugged it into a loaner trailer and rented a storage unit for it's wait time, and lugged it back into place when room was finally done.  Thanks CAP for a job well done.


YE Co-Chairs Scott Becker and yours truly are trying to get a VIP to attend the Feb YE event, as the EAA's BIG winter YE Day.  So far we think Ms. Michelle Kune of EAA YE Office (#2 person in YE) may attend.  We expect some good media coverage,  per PR guy working for Dolphin aviation. 


Our new Prez. Dave Bothe asked an EAA-180 person to attend the Airport  Authority Board meetings.  I said I would try to make the Jan meeting.  We need to place pressure on these folks to be aware of the big impact

 GA pilots have on SRQ activities.  We also need to straighten out their operation, so incidents when a small exp. lane lost a wheel, or something like that, and Jones or Dolphin would not tow the plane off the runway.

 A poor situation. Please ask Dave Bothe for exact details and have him brief me if he wants this brought up at Airport Board meeting. 


Fly Safe


Frank Szachta