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David  Bothe

941- 966_6723


Vice President:

Chip Miller




Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371_6437



Frank Hurlburt



Newsletter Editor:

Eugene Naves



Program Chairman:



Technical Counselors:

   Pat Grella

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 Wray Whiting



Flight Advisor:

  Pat Grella



Young Eagles Coor:

Frank Szachta



Scott Becker



Tool Committee:

John Stevenson


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 Rolf  Bostrom

941- 371_6437


Sarasota _ Manatee Counties, Florida

Meets the 4th Wednesday  of every month, 7:30 P.M. McElmurry Hall,

SW entrance, Sarasota Bradenton International Airport

Prez Sez


 Thanks to all of you for the support you have given to me and the Chapter during the past year. We have about 75 members now (Not all of you have submitted your renewal forms and $$ get with it!)

One of our major goals for this year will be to increase membership. So, let's have "events" at least once a quarter. If we can, more often. One will be a "Fly-In" at Fantasy of Flight. Mr. Weeks requires that we have minimum of 20 planes. Please get back to me ASAP. The date is TBD based on feed back. I think Mr. Weeks will be more flexible if we have 50 or so members show up at FOF, regardless of how we get there.

We have a ton of food left over from the last Picnic. Let's do it again in February.

The Lumberton, North Carolina Mid Atlantic Fly In is coming up in May (12-15). There are still rooms available (90 bucks a night) at the Holiday Inn (910 671 1166, 800 465 4329). But, they are going fast. Several of us went up last year. What happens there stays there! It was a hoot.

Jones Aviation is being a bit narrow minded about the three hour per day minimum. I am looking for a ride for me and my bride. Hey, I'll pay the gas and handle the stick!

Seven of us are going to the FAA Ground Handling School on January 20th. Based on the ground handling expertise exhibited at Lumberton last year I think we may be able to give them some suggestions and volunteers.

Because I am a closet masochist I have taken the responsibility (but not the blame) for the programs this year. I think you will enjoy them. This month's is "Hit The Deck". It is about carrier aviation. I think Brad Smith and I are the only "Tail Hookers" in the Chapter. There is really nothing to it, as the film will show.

My personal goal this year is to make sure everyone else realizes that Chapter 180 is the best there is. I know it. You know it. Soon others will too. Yeah baby, yeah!

Your humble servant.


(See if You Won) If there are stars after  your name come to the next meeting  and pick up what we have for you.





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