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The vertical fin drawing  Fig 21.

The 13” reference is incorrect 

Using 5/16 as a hinge gap and the top gap the 13” is changed to 11.6941. If you change the hinge gap the 11.6941 will need to be changed.


Now Fig 20 will also have to be changed.

Fig 20:

    The vertical  0 line stays in the same place as in the plans. Only one point had to be changed. The member at the Vertical 0 line was too long by .6304.


 I put  Fig 21 together with Fig  20

What I did was draw a straight line from the vertical  0 line of Fig 21 to the first  nail of Fig 20 . That gave me a 30 degree line. Then I trim/added the two members to that line.


Now, I did my dimensions.


I found Fig 21 top member was 11.6941 from the datum line and Fig 20 member was .6304 shorter than the plans.


This is NOT the only way to make these two Fig to fit. It is the way I though is the easiest.  




RW-22 Tiger Moth Rudder and Vertical Stabilizer  Changers