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From Chip Miller:


   To all who attended the Jan meeting (and stayed late) Thank you.  The "Carrier Landings" program was very good and we had a really good turn-out.  Prez, you were missed. 


     I will attend the Feb 18 meeting of the SRQ airport authority and report back.  We want to keep abreast of airport matters and aquaint ourselves with the Auth. members and other members of the flying and non-flying public.  More Chap 180 members would be a good thing.  To the best of my knowledge, there are four active "non-profit" aviation organizations associated with SRQ:  the Civil Air Patrol, EAA Chap.180, Agape Flights, and the Historic Aircraft Society.  Our Chap. 180 is an active, well-heeled and sizeable group of local pilots, builders, and aviation enthusiasts of many and diverse backgrounds.  We have much to share with our community.  Imagine what can be if we someday convince the AA that airplanes are fun.  Please join me at the McClure Aud. Feb 18 @ 1:30 pm.


     We have a new source for name tags and the like.  "Impressions Made Easy" will take over for Harry (Awards Center) as his recovery will be lengthy.  EAA 180 has expressed our "Best Wishes" to Harry and his family. 


     For any who haven't "re-uped" yet, please have your 2005 dues money and form (we'll have some forms at the Feb meeting) in before April 1.  There's much fun ahead and we want to get the roster done accurately.  Please include your EAA # and exp. date, ph #, and email so we may keep all informed of important happenings.  Don't be left out! 


     The Collings Foundation's "Wings of Freedom" touring B-17 "Nine O Nine" and B-25 "Tondelayo" had an exceptional (for SRQ) visit Feb 2-4.  The stop was at Jones Aviation and was well-attended with four local "patrol" flights and many visitors.  'Yours truely' volunteered for their 3 day stop-over at the Jones gate and line.  (Even employed my newly-aquired knowledge of ground ops. and aircraft marshalling!)  There was little or no news coverage of the visit by SHT, but the Bradenton Herald came through again. 


     Remember to tune in AM 930 to hear Frank Szachta on "Sarasota Speaks" @ 6:10 pm on Friday, Feb. 18.


     Fly Safe, and see you at the next meeting.