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The party atmosphere began with EAA Chapter 180 members enjoying a good breakfast at the inside restaurant of Fantasy of Flight. Attending the breakfast were Dave Bothe, Chip Miller, Earl Swane, Blaise Pierson, Steve Walters, Mary McFate and myself. After breakfast, we toured the museum at our leisure and saw the B 17, the Avro Cadet 643, the 1937 Bucker “Jungmeiste”,  and many other vintage planes Then we had a lecture provide by FAA Ben Coleman. Aircraft Safety Management and FAA K.T. Budde Jones, Aircraft Safety Counselor, on the proper techniques for directing aircraft on the ground. The course provided many safety tips and reasons for having a grasp of good ground procedures and ethics in directing planes on the ground to the parking areas. After class, Dave Bothe was one of the volunteers in demonstrating the techniques learned from the course, lower left picture Steve Walters climbed into a biplane and demonstrated the fact that visibility by the pilot is limited, so ground directions must be given from a 45 degree angle in front of the plane.

      The real treat of the day, was when Mr. Kermit Weeks, a very skilled pilot and owner of Fantasy of Flight, gave the group a personal demonstration of his own P51, which is a beauty. He gave us a lecture as to the physical make up of the P51 and general statistics. He then took her up, made several passes and landed for personal conversation and photo opportunities

      This was really a treat and I am sorry if you missed it. I know this Chapter and there will be more of these opportunities. I hope you will enjoy the next ones as much as I did this one.. See you at the meeting and the especially at the next event.


Your Fellow Pilot.  Walt Grabenstein 

P.S. Thanks again to Dave and the guys for sponsoring this event !!!!