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A pleasant surprise!


I was sitting at home on Wednesday evening, when my phone rang . It was Scott Becker with the news that Steve Walters was flying into Fantasy of Flight for the FM Ground School event the next day. He said that Steve was flying alone and would probably like some company, if I was interested to call him. I thanked Scott and immediately called Steve. Steve, always being very generous, welcomed me for his ride to the FAA Ground School.

      We met that Thursday morning, January 20, 2005, at 9:00 AM in front of Steve’s hangar at Manatee Airport Chip Miller. Steve Waters and I preflighted his red and white. vintage Cessna 1 70 B plane. Steve asked if Chip or I minded flying first to Wauchula to see the progress on his Queen Air. Chip and I were elated, since we had both seen the plane before any work had been done. We arrived at the Wauchula airport and were impressed with progress that we observed on the Queen Air, She was really beginning to look like an airplane again. When we had seen her several months before, she was just a mass of parts scattered around the airport. It was a real delight to see the Queen Air coming alive. Pleased with this visit we took off for Fantasy of Flight and Ground School.

      It was a beautiful sight from the air, as we approached the field for Fantasy of Flight. We could see the many different planes on the field and they were impressive! We landed and parked next to the pretty, red plane of Blarse Pierson. He had arrived earlier with Mary McFate, who is a volunteer for Young Eagles.