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Please put something in the newsletter advising all members on line to visit† the website and check their entry for completeness.† If any item is not there or incorrect we would like them to contact Rolf via e-mail with the addition or correction as the case may be.††††††††††††††††† Your humble servant

EAA Chapter 180 January Minutes†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 01/26/2005


Vice President Chip Miller opened the meeting at 7:34pm with the 'Pledge to the Flag'.† 34 members and guests were present.† An introduction of guests and chapter officers followed.


Frank Hurlburt reported Blaise Pierson, a past chapter president and current head of the SRQ control tower, has advised future Young Eagle flights can not be held on Saturday mornings due to the volume of air traffic at that time.† The group felt further discussion on this matter is needed.


Builder Reports:† Lou Basl is getting ready to put an interior into his RV-6.† Jim Ellis has finished the canopy on his RV-9A, and the instrument panel is 'coming along'.† Vance Noles now has 150 hours on the RV-9A he built. Jason Smithers is building a Zenith CH-701.† Rob Brooke is flying a RANS S-17, and building a Fisher Tiger Moth that was featured in last month's newsletter.† Earle Swan is working on the wiring for his RV-8.† Steve Walters is rebuilding his recently accuired Queen Air.† Brad Smith has been working on his RV-6A.† Jim Kissick gave a brief talk about his history in aviation and related to the group that his pilots license has been voided by the FAA due to his recent health problems.† Bill Peters still has his FlyBaby for sale.† Frank Hurlburt has the gear doors and the belly tank installed in the Lancair IV-P, and is close to finishing the bottom.


Old Business:† No old business was brought up.

Young Eagles:† 19 kids were flown at the May event, many from an aviation club at Gocio Elementary School.† The next Young Eagles flight is scheduled for Sunday, February 27th from 9amó3pm.


Treasurer's Report:† Treasurer Frank Hurlburt reported the year end balance in the chapters checking account was $19,476.17.† Additional money was received during the meeting for 2005 member dues.† No figure was given.


A brief break was taken for refreshments.


Seven members of the chapter attended a Ground Safety School in January, held at Kermit Weeks' 'Fantasy of Flight.'† It was a rare occasion where visitors were allowed to fly into the mseum.


Frank Hurlburt brought a video about carrier operations titled 'Hit the Deck'.† Most of the video was rarely seen footage of eventful carrier landings during the 40's and 50's, including landings by a C-130.


Chip closed the meeting at 9:40pm.††††††††††††††††††††† Respectfully submitted, Rolf Bostrom, Secretary