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Two beveled stringers, one above and one below, are glued to the cutoff ends of the wing ribs in order to form a good-fitting aileron well in the wing and to provide a necessary surface for attaching the fabric when the wing is covered. The stringer is notched at each rib location to strengthen the joint.


In this picture, reinforcing blocks are being glued to the stringer and to the rear spar to keep the stringer from bowing inward when the covering fabric is heat-shrunk.

The area around the wing root is left temporarily without geodetics until after the plane is complete to the point of wing rigging. Some all-important holes will have to be drilled in the spars to bolt on the wing attach hardware and they are positioned and drilled as part of the rigging process. Too much structure around the root rib would make the drilling difficult. So for now, the lower left wing is finished. It took its first flight - to the ceiling of the garage!

With three more wings to build, no more articles for months. Iíll resume when the wings are done and I start on the tail feathers.


Rob Brooke

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