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The above two pictures show the steps in attaching the leading edge plywood. The pre-bent sheet of ply is glued and stapled to the underside of the wing and the glue is allowed to set up completely. Then the wing is turned over and the plywood forced to the curve of the nose pieces with shock cord. It is then easy to staple in place, after which the shock cord is removed while the glue sets up. All staples are removed.



The leading edges of the ailerons are treated similarly, with plywood stapled and glued to the rounded nose pieces and the aileron spar caps. Here, the edge of the ply is held down initially with clothespins, which are removed as the edge is stapled down.


It can also be seen that the leading edge is to be covered with two pieces of plywood. There are two nosepieces glued to the spar where the plywood will be butted together.

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