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From VP Chip Miller


Hi Everyone,


    As you all know, on April 1 we finalized our member list of those who will be included in the 2005 Chapter 180 roster. ( as I understand it, the roster will be used to create a member booklet )  "Thank you" to all who re-enlisted and paid your chapter dues for '05.  Obviously, we will be adding new members to our ranks as the year progresses and those folks will be added to the master membership list as they join.  If you haven't received your name badge yet, give me a call and I'll get it ordered for you.  ( I have a bag of 20 or so member badges that haven't been distributed yet)  See me at the April meeting and pick up your badge. 

    Here's our '05 Chapter 180 roster:     (If you're not in the list, give me a call and we'll get you squared away)


Phil Agnes, Rex Almquist, Gerald Bailey, Lou Basl, Scott Becker, Wells Berry,  Jim Biggens, Rolf Bostrom, Dave Bothe, Robert Brooke, Stan Brown, Lyman Bower,  Paul Carson, John Carter, Richard Cheek, David Church, Hugh Corley, Chuck Dammers,  Bob Dell, Mike Dowling, Paul Dukor, Jim Ellis, Curt Eskew, Braxton Ezell,  Tom Farrington, Siegfried Feurersanger, David Fife, Brian Foster, Fred Gale,  Guy Gebbia, Walt Grabenstein, George Graham, Pat Grella, Jerome Gostkowski,  Henry Hinman, Hank Hinman, Frank Hurlburt, Chuck Hutchins, Keith Kewley,  Jim Kissick, Lester Koher, Arnold Kollenberg, Tom Kollenberg, Dennis McCracken,  Mary Lou McFate, Bill McManus, E.B."Chip" Miller, Herb Miller, Robert Mueller,  Robert Muir, Eugene Naves, Jon Neary, Frank Neubauer, Vance Noles, Joe Oran,  Ramon Pabalan, John Palmeri, Bill Peters, Pete Petersen, Blaise Pierson,  Cy Pierquet, Dean Robinson, Ric Romanoff, Art Ruscher, Pete Sachs,  Louis Sachsenmaier, Wayne Schober, Brad Smith, Jason Smithers,  Martin Sobel, Skip Staub, John Stevenson, Phil Stewart,  Earle Swan, Frank Szachta, Gene Tharpe, Eldon Thompson,  Ed Wadsworth, Jim Waldt, Steve Walters,  Wray Whiting,  Dana Wiese, Dick Wilke, Ed Wyckoff.


 Come to the April 27 meeting - It sounds like an interesting program.    Have fun and be safe.   




Q & A:  Question of the Week for  EAA Young Eagles:


Can a sport pilot operating a light-sport aircraft fly Young Eagles at a rally? I have all the pilot requirements for the Young Eagles and the question was raised about the medical. Can you please clarify?

Answer: Thanks for your question regarding sport pilots and Young Eagles. The answer is YES! Sport pilots may participate in the Young Eagles program as long as they meet the other requirements of the program, which include:

Appropriate Airmen's Certificate (Sport Pilot or greater) , Current Medical Certificate (if applicable)

EAA National Membership, 90-day currency in aircraft used , Current Flight Review ,

Aircraft Passenger Liability Insurance for aircraft used (owned, rental, or borrowed) ,

Young Eagle Registration Form and Certificate A Young Eagle

If you meet these requirements, then you are ready to fly Young Eagles. For any questions on EAA Young Eagles, e-mail

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