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This month's program will be "Fighting 17 The Jolly Rogers" Their skipper was Lt. Blacky Blackburn. These are Navy (Are there any other kind?) fighter pilots. They were the equivalent of the " Marine Black Sheep" (also Naval Aviators). Anyway, I met all these guys at an Association of Naval Aviators convention at the El Toro Marine Air Base in California in 1990. It makes a guy very humble just to be in the same room with these men. It won't be as educational as last month. But it will be a whole lot more fun! It is the best film I have ever seen about air war in the Pacific.

I hope to see all of you at the meeting this month, April 27, 7:30 PM, Dan McClure Room, at the Sarasota Bradenton Airport.

Your humble servant.




PS.. By the end of the meeting, Eugene left with the scales and there was rumblings that the rust proofing equipment may be finding a home.

Do you remember the shamefull ones ?

In our last Chapter meeting the NOT so mumble Prez  announced, that the Dimpler is being held hostage in his hanger. And if anyone wanted the Dimpler they would just have to call him for its release

The crowd roared, the other Whistle Blower jaw dropped  to the table. After a period of time the boosing  and hissing stopped  and the  meeting continued.  

So in light of this news, we award the Pres the NOT so mumble,  not so distinguish, award of the number ONE  Flip– Flopper.

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